Table of Contents

  • Because the Form of Words Matter

  • Language Awareness

  • Argument and Form: The Last Piece of Chocolate

  • Varieties of English

Overview:I found the argument and form activity most challenging because I am not much of an argumentative writer so I had a little difficulty writing it. I found the form of words matter activity very interesting and fun because it was a creative way to express about an object. I liked the other two activities because they were straight-forward writing and I liked the creative aspect that was applied to them.

Because the Form of Words Matter

Bubblegum: A yummy, chewy concoction that smacks and pops when you chew it. Bubblegum has many delicious flavors that burst on your tongue when you chew the unique sticky texture. The burst of berries or the delicious taste of original has your taste buds saying, “Thank you,” and “Yippee.”

The Bubblegum Blues
O the beautiful pink wrapper glistens in the light!
The future taste enticing my senses
As my fingers itch to touch that pink wrapper
How I wanted to touch that wrapper just to have that delicious concoction inside

Hands slowly reach to grab
the delicious bubblegum is within my grasp
and as I slowly reach for that prepackaged wrapper
my hand is quickly wrapped in my mother’s hand as she pulls me away.

The differences between my prose and my poetry verses are the structure and the creative description of a feeling a child experiences when wanting a package of bubblegum. The structure is not free style writing like in the prose version. The creative description in the poetry is more creative and the prose version is more descriptive. I believe the most effective piece is the poem because about the way it grabs the attention of a child. The most interesting piece I believed was the part with the poem because it allowed a structure and creative way to express a package of bubblegum. The prose version said more than the poetry version because in the prose version, it expressed the characteristics of bubblegum. The flavors, texture, and taste of the bubblegum is best described in the prose version.

Language Awareness

If language was a web, I believe I would be the fly. I can easily write a web of words that can be creative or professional depending on the nature of the context but I know I still need improvement. I would admit sometimes I would become stuck on the sticky line of words but I eventually figure it out. I can get turned around when write because so many thoughts that I want to express can become jumbled and come out confusing. I hope to eventually become the spider when it comes to the intricate web of language.

Argument and Form: The Last Piece of Chocolate
I believe the fortunate person to be allowed to eat this last delicious, creamy piece of chocolate should be my best friend, Parker. She has been fortunate to be serving our country for the past four years. Parker has been shipped to Japan and now stationed is stationed in Baltimore working at the NSA. She is selfless and has sacrificed many things to be true in serving her country and making her family proud. Parker enlisted right out of high school because she wanted to see the world. She uses her colorful experiences to be a better person and I believe her character alone makes her the definite choice to win the last piece of chocolate.

My girlie, Parker needs this piece of chocolate.
She has worked 4ever for her country.
She is gr8 and cool. She also is herself.
She gave up so much to make her family proud.
She is the best and she needs it.

The differences in the prose and text messages are that the prose version is more persuasive and formal while the text messages are more informal and simplistic. In the prose version, Parker is expressed as a great enduring person (which she is) but in the text messages her character does not come across because of the simple nature in the text. The lingo in the text emphasizes that she is great and she is working for the government. The lingo in the prose version emphasizes more on her character and traits. I believe the text message version says less than the prose version because the prose is more persuasive and gives emphasis on her. I believe the most effective version would be the prose version because you get to know Parker’s character more personally than in the simple text messages.

Varieties of English

  • ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’ (Exodus 20.14)

Version 1: You better be faithful to your husband/wife or there will be consequences.

Version 2: Sleeping around will get you in big trouble man.

The meanings of the three versions of the commandment did not change the meaning of the original King James Version of the Hebrew Bible. The meanings of the versions might apply to different audiences in different ways. In the third version, the context might apply to someone concerned for someone who is promiscuous but who is not married so adultery doesn’t apply. The second version still has the same meaning of the original version just in Standard English and in a different audience would have the same meaning still.