By Eve Titus


Bibliographic Citation:

Titus, Eve. (1956). Anatole. New York: Dragonfly Books.

Anatole is a mouse that lives near Paris, Italy. He commutes by bicycle to forage for food for his family until her overhears humans complaining about villainous mice. Anatole is deeply upset considering it a blow to his honor plans to change his situation. He goes to work secretly in the Duval Cheese Factory as a taster and evaluator of the factory's cheeses. Working alone and anonymously, he leaves suggestions and notes to grade the cheese by his sensitive taste buds. His taste for good cheese leads to the factory's commercial success and to his fame - to such an extent that Anatole is hailed as a "mouse magnifique." The factory's human owners and workers also hold his work in high esteem, although they have no idea that the mysterious Anatole is a mouse. They honor him by making him First Vice President of Cheese Tasting as well as rewarding Anatole with French brad and eclairs. In the end, Anatole gains his honor and can provide his family with delicious cheese.

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